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THE VANCOUVER ADVANTAGE, for Excellence Series graduates starting in January, 2016.
Get Your Dreams in Gear • Make More Progress in Less Time • Use the Synergy of Different Skill Sets • Learn How Great Support Can Be

DATES: The 1st & 3rd Tuesday of each month,
6:30-8:30 PM, beginning Jan. 19, 2016.
LOCATION: 2667 West Broadway, Vancouver BC (bus access & FREE parking available)
COST: $99/month (minimum three month commitment)

TO REGISTER:  604.253.7275 | 1.800.399.8081 or register


Some of the “public” courses I’ve facilitated:
Through Context Associated:

The Pursuit of Excellence • The Wall • Mastery • Leadership Skills Training

Through Excellence Seminars International:

The Advantage

Through Excellence Northwest:

The Practice • Authentic Leadership • Quantum Leap • Sex and Money in the Lives of Couples and Individuals

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Women & Sexuality: The Pleasure, The Pain and The Possibilities • Come Alive • Come Alive through Video • Staying Alive


Peggie Merlin Associated                                                                           Phone: 604.736.5148

Vancouver, BC  Canada                                                               Mobile: 604.612.7196  Email:

A MENTORING RELATIONSHIP is, ideally, one of mutual trust and of good will.  Mentor, after all, was Odysseus’ closest friend: the man to whom, as he embarked on the long, long journey, he entrusted the safety and the education of his beloved son. Surely, responsibility is implied.

I have long admired Marsha Sinetar’s work, The Mentor’s Spirit.   She calls true mentors “artists of encouragement”, and suggests that effective mentorship requires - of both parties - openness and receptivity, cooperation, and "attunement to best outcomes”.  This is very much the spirit in which I like to work.

It has been my great good fortune to learn from several exceptional mentors; and I agree with Gregory Bateson's pronouncement that "it takes two to know one." I have come to trust the alchemical properties of the mentoring relationship.

If you feel drawn to the possibility of our working together,  let’s begin to get a sense of one another and of the outcomes you envision.

We can work on a hourly basis or on a monthly retainer. 

Another option is custom pricing on a package designed around a particular project and period of time.

Here is what some colleagues and clients say:
Peggie helped launch Aitken Leadership Group and inspired us with wisdom, style and humour. I have learned so much from Peggie over thirty five years of friendship and collaboration. David Aitken, FRAIC, Senior Executive Coach    

Peggie brings an extraordinary range of life experience to her coaching and counselling approaches.  She offers candour, intelligence and spirited humour.  She is insightful, incisive, bright, and alert in everything she does.  She is especially talented at training and coaching professionals who themselves work with people. Being with her is invigorating. When her intelligence is brought to bear upon a topic or project, she mixes her high intellect and down-home fun seamlessly. If you consult her, you will feel comfortable with her human-ness. She is always respectful, and often she can see possibilities that you may have missed
. Jock McKeen, MD, PhD, Co-Founder of The Haven Institute
I am deeply grateful to learn from one of the masters in the field of personal transformation.  I've participated in her amazing workshops for large groups and have received extraordinary wise and insightful coaching from Peggie.  What I love best about her is the atmosphere of goodwill and humour she brings to the work. Peggie is uniquely skilled at the reading the underlying cues and quickly assessing the blocks in the way of accomplishing your dreams.  In her spirit of goodwill and safety, she helps you understand and break through those blocks.
Nancy Bradshaw, PhD, Spark Strategies

Peggie has a masterful understanding of the human condition honed by decades of engagement.  It’s like she sees you at the “neutrino” level! She is a formidable partner in progress.  Her unique use of language facilitates new thought. I always feel more connected after conversations with her! And I feel deeply affirmed. Robert Beckwermert, Real Estate Consultant

If you can hang with Peggie, do it!  Working and learning from Peggie Merlin I liken to studying at the feet of Socrates. Her keen intelligence coupled with uncanny intuition leads to self discovery and personal growth. Her passionate love for others in their search for the truth creates an environment where profound personal development is possible.George Lindeman, Founder Member, Excellence Northwest,