By working together, we will develop a personal sense of one another.  Here's is a head start from my side:

I have experience with many kinds of business: traditional, non-traditional, and show business.  I have post-graduate degrees in Anthropology and Psychology. I speak several languages, have lived in multiple countries; and, for a time, on an island "off the grid".  I like both formality and quirkiness and, as you might guess, I’m fond of animals, and especially horses.

I have given countless workshops and lectures, trained dozens of other facilitators; consulted to and worked for big corporations, and run some small businesses on my own. For nearly 5 years I wrote material for the game show "Jeopardy!" I have successfully built two MLM networks; and once, for a few mad seasons, I owned and operated a service station at Whistler Mountain!  

I have had health challenges and overcome them.  Currently I am in excellent health and full of energy.  I know a lot about nutrition, and have a passion for good food.  I have traveled the world, lived “high on the hog”, and lived “on a shoestring”!  My enduring preference is to live simply and to travel luxuriously.
I enjoy a  rich professional and social network. I've been married and divorced more than once, lived alone, lived with a partner - been utterly miserable AND ecstatically happy both ways!     

I appreciate irony. I love language, books, word games, a room with a view, most adventures and all opportunities to learn.
I look forward to making your acquaintance.

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